Blood Magic


Grants the witch with increased longevity, agility, and strengh
Used to summon spirits to destroy enemies
Children blood mostly needed, but adult blood can serve as a substitute
Water witches use for sustenance instead of power like ordinary witches
Mouldheels can use blood to increase scrying abilities


Blood must be used day before full moon
Weakest form of witch magic

Bone Magic


Can be used to summon the dead
Creates a trap called a bone circle, used to catch prey which presses weight on
the bones, reducing them to powder killing instantly, but skeletons of the dead need
to be in a form of shape
The more bones a witch posses the more powerful she becomes, Spooks bones have extra
power than ordinary bones
Witches prefer thumb or rib bones
Witches spirit bone bound after death, creating pit correctly prevents witch from crawling out,
prefered to bury with head in the earth


Bones must be taken before sunrise
Must be buried for future use, then soaked in milk for full effect

Familar Magic


Use animal or person as eyes and ears for tracking and stalking
Can be used to summon and control other creatures of the dark such as boggarts or Old Gods
Often used in combination with Bone or Blood Magic


Familar can see through the eyes of the controller
Must use own blood for full effect


      Glamour: Used as a form of hypnotism, witch can use this magic to make herself appear more beautiful and elegant

      Dread: Used to scare or make appear ugly to both witch and human

Mirror Magic

    All witches can use this form of magic with a mirror or anything with a reflective surface, but at different levels

      Scrying: Witch can use mirror to scry the future

      Communication/Second Sight: Witches can communicate with each other through a mirror with a candle and mirror can used

                                                    to see someone they desire


   A witch can make someone theirs while using this power, if any other witch attempts to touch or take advantage of the imprinted person

  the witch may experience great pain, only way to get rid of imprint is if the witch who created the imprint dies


    Possesion: Witches can come back in new body and are much more powerful than the time they were "killed" by possesion, men are easier

                     to posses then women, usually crawl into ear, nose, or mouth and take over

    Undead: Powerful witch can become the undead, usally appear as slick ooze figure if heart isn't removed, burned at the stake, or set free from

Dark Wish

  Powerful witches can grant wishes to other people by giving them a dark wish, the wish can't be predicted on its use by the user, but alot of magic

  needs to stored within the witch to used correctly