The Spooks Tale

The Spooks Tale /H.I.V.E: Interception Point

The Spook's Tale is a fantasy novel written by Joseph Delaney, as part of the fantasy series The Wardstone Chronicles. The book is to be released in March 2009[1], with the other World Book Day book's, which can be purchased for £1, or for a World Book Day 2009 book voucher. It was released along with Interception Point.

How would you like to train as a spook? I need a brave lad for my line of work . . . The Spook keeps the County safe from creatures of the dark; things that suck your blood and snatch your bones and squeeze the breath from your body. When young John Gregory stumbles into the trap set by a powerful witch, it seems he may possess some spook’s skills of his own. But is he ready to face the dark or will his first fight be his last?