The Spooks Battle

Wardstone Chronicles Book 4: The Spooks Battle

The Spook's Battle, written by Joseph Delaney, is the fourth story in the series "The Wardstone Chronicles". It was released in America in March 2008, and is titled Attack of the Fiend, as the fourth book in "The Last Apprentice" series.


Mam has returned to her own land, Greece, to try to silence the evil rising there. In a special room in the family farmhouse, she has left behind trunks and boxes only to be opened by her youngest son Tom. Meanwhile, in Pendle, the covens are rising and the three most powerful witch clans are rumoured to be uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil. Together, they will be capable of raising the dark made flesh - the Devil himself. Tom and the Spook will need to set off for Pendle quickly to avert the unthinkable but first Tom must journey home. Could it be that the boxes will reveal more about his mother's past? And will these powerful secrets place Tom's family in ever greater danger?