Morwena BloodEye, The Fiend's daughter.


She has dark hair down to her shoulders. Around her shoulders she has smock covered in green scum, while on the lower half of her body she wore a ragged skirt caked with brown marsh slime. She has two rows of yellow-green teeth with four immense fangs instead of normal canines.

Her left eye is normally closed, the right one open – a vertical slit like the cold eye of a snake or lizard – and her nose is a beak of sharp bone without any covering of flesh or even skin. Her hands look human but for her fingernails, which are sharp, curved talons. Her toes were webbed and ending in a sharp talon.

After touching her left eye with fingers to release the seal upon her eye it opens very wide. The opened eye is completely red as if completely filled with blood and the person looking at the eye becomes paralyse. It costs alot of energy though and she can only use it on 1 person. That's why it is mostly closed.