Mam is the name used by Tom Ward's Mother. She has an interesting history behind her. She has two sister both Lamia witches. She is greek and was the one whom choose Tom's occupation.

Tom's Mam's Appearance In The Spooks Apprentice The Video Game


She Herself Is a Lamia witch and seems to have a great fondness of Alice. She also has the ablilty to see the children of the Fiend just by looking at them just as she does with Alice when she first meets her. She is very supportive of Toms apprentiship with the Spook and consider's Tom and 'big threat' to the dark. She goes to Greece, her homeland, to fight against the rising dark, but returns later in book 6 to call upon Toms,John Gregorys and Bill Arkwright's help against Ordeen , who is an ancient God and is coming to the world again to kill more people.


She always tries to keep everone happy (shown in book 6), but at the death of her husband she was a very sad and depressed person showing that losing someone she loves causes her a great amount o greif.

Who She Is

In the sixth book mam tells tom that she is the lamia the creator of all the lamias and that her sisters are just really good friends.

Her End

Book 6 was to be her end in the fight against Ordeen. She had to change to fight Ordeen, and she changed into a creature with 'angel' wings as Tom described. But when she made contact with Ordeen her feathers went up in flames and she told Tom to get out with the others. Then when everyone was out, the citadale went down into the darkness spelling her end.