Grimalkin is a skilled assasin who carries alot of knives on her (as shown on a chapter illustration in Attack of The Fiend.), she also leaves her symbol to warn people she is around. Grimalkin is more of an Anti-Hero as she has helped the people of the light fight the dark on many occasion's.

Involvement with ThomasEdit

In Attack of The Fiend, she hurls a knife at Thomas while he his running to his Mam's room, however he slows down time and plucks the knife from the air.

In Wrath of The Bloodeye, she joins forces to kill Morwena, one of the Fiend's daughter.

In Clash of the Demon, she fights of some of the minions of the Ordeen.

She also gives a special blade and a dark wish. The purpose of the two gifts was to weaken the Ordeen, however Thomas uses the dark wish to save Alice.