The FiendEdit

The Fiend is the dark made flesh. It goes by many names including "Old Nick" and "The Devil." In The Spook's Battle, the united witches of Pendle manage to summon the Fiend, and give him flesh, and control him for two days, in which he chases Tom back to his old farmhouse, where he hides in his mother's locked room, a safe haven. Whilst in the room, the Fiend tries to trick him to leaving it, but Tom's will is strong, and the Fiend leaves when the witches hold over him vanishes.

In The Spook's Mistake, you learn that the Fiend has fathered many a child, including some by the witch assasin, Grimalkin. The Fiend also tells Tom at the end that Alice Deane is not the daughter of a Deane and Malkin, but is in fact the daughter of the Fiend and Bony Lizzie, who was previously thought to be her Aunt, instead of Mother. Tom doesnt believe the Fiend however, one of his many names is, 'Father of Lies'. ALthough, Tom does have his doubts, as he did previously see the very strong family resembalence between Bony Lizzie and Alice.


  • Bony Lizzie
  • Grimalkin


  • Alice
  • Morwena (water witch)
  • A human son by Grimalkin, however was revealed by her to be killed shortly after delivery