Bony Lizzie is a Pendle witch from the Malkin clan (there are 3 witch covens Malkins, Deanes and Mouldheels) and Bony lizzie is mother to Alice Deane and the grandaughter of Mother Malkin. She is villians involved in The Spooks apprentice series but is main enemy in the 7th book:The Spooks Nightmare. She is bone witch who uses bone magic . She mainly uses nuckle bones for her magic but she likes blood she drinks young children blood and have abhuman tusk to crush they ribs she trained Alice deane o witchcraft for 2 years she says Alice is the one she wil unite all clans together she believes strongly in that like its shown in 7th instalment of the wardstone chronicles. In first book all villagers bravely attacked bony lizzies house but she sniffed it out before they came near ( she cant sniff seventh son of the seventh son ) so she was gone long before the villagers arrived. She gets killed by Adriana's birds in the end of spooks nighmare she dies she was trapped in the pit spooks binds her with silver chain in the 7th books she escapes to island of mona and wit her new powers beacause she reached her 40s. It aparently makes a witch stronger.