Bill Arkwright is another spook. In the fifth book (The Spooks Mistake) Tom is sent to him so that Tom can learn the phisical side of the job and learn things the John Gregory could not teach him anymore. Bill was a drunkard and could'nt control the urge to drink, mainly because his parents cant be sent to the light. It is later found out that the Feind (Devil) had bound them to the Earth. Arkwright's ways of teaching seem hard and aggressive, but they soon come in handy especially when Tom comes to save him after he is captured by Water Witches. He is the Spook or the North, and later on with the help of Tom and Grimalkin killing Morwena The Feind set his parents free. Arfter that his mood seemed to lift and he became a happier man. He lives in a mill surrounded by a mote full of salt to keep enemies from the dark away.